Our timber cottages, which are made of round logs, are situated on the cape-like ridge surrounded by Lake Päijänne. All the cottages are at a distance from each other, so your privacy is guaranteed. Each cottage has its own sauna and private yard.


In addition, most cottages have their own sand-bottomed lakeshore with a landing-stage (quay) and a rowing boat. All our cottages are classified as Malo-quality, i.e. high-standard quality.



Click here  (Malo-logo) for more information on Malo-guaranteed accomodation and the criteria that is required for achieving Malo-standard.


You can choose the type of accomodation that best suits your requirements, ranging from a small 4-person-cottage to a large 14-person-villa. All our cottages have modern conveniences and they are suitable for all-year-round accommodation.


Accommodation for 70-90 persons:

  • 3 cottages capable of accommodating 8-10 persons

  • 2 cottages 6-7 persons

  • 2 cottages 4 (plus 2) persons

  • 5 cottages 4( plus 1) persons

  • 3 cottages 4 persons

  • 1 cottages 14 persons

You can rent a cottage for a longer period or have a sauna-night for your friends or business associates. Whatever your requirements, call us or fill in the Inquiry form to find out more about our prices, services, programmes, etc.


Welcome to stay with us!



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