How to achieve a rewarding and succesful meeting, seminar or staff-training event? In addition to practical meeting premises, modern AV-equipment and a good supplementary services, many customers appreciate various activities and programmes.

These activities are of great help in bringing up the teamspirit and making everybody feel comfortable and willing to do his or her best.


Have you ever thought of holding your next meeting, seminar or staff-training session in the Finnish countryside? In an attractive and environmentally friendly place by the clean blue waters of Lake Päijänne. We offer professional service and modern audio-visual equipment. Our meeting rooms are easily flexible for your requirements. Our VIP-villa Isohaapa is a forerunner in the sense that it uses lake-generated energy besides solar energy. Underfloor heating and the warm atmosphere of wooden interior create a cosy and comfortable setting for your meetings and seminars.

Meeting/Conference room for 20-70 persons
Assembly/Banquet room for 150-200 persons.

Our Catering Service has a wide range from home cooked meals to international salads. We also serve traditional Finnish dishes, made from fresh, local ingredients. We are happy to make special arrangements and menus for groups to suit their needs and desires, like having a dinner in the middle of a forest or design a complete theme around dinner on request.



We can arrange several activities to accompany your seminars and meetings: e.g. ice-fishing, snowmobile rides, dog sledding, fishing, hunting etc. We also plan games and adventures when required. We offer both ready-made packages and tailor-made adventures or safaris to suit your interests and wishes with the flexibility to do it at any time of the day. These activities are of great help in strengthening the teamspirit and making everybody feel comfortable.

Surprise your personnel or colleagues by adding some playful, adventurous or thrilling elements into your meetings.



Customers’ Comments  

If you appreciate various experiences, excellent service, practical training, accommodation premises and the possibility of being close to nature, Lehmonkärki is a most excellent choice for you. Let Ari’s team take care of everything, you can concentrate on developing yourself and your organization.

Jouni Mäkäläinen, L-Fashion Group Oy   

Lehmonkärki has been capable over and over again to set grounds for our successful training events and free-time activities. We have already for several years enjoyed their really pleasant, professional and flexible service, catering service included. The location by Lake Päijänne offers a wide range of activities all the year round. We are very pleased with Lehmonkärki services. Warmly recommended by

Anneli Borgman, Würth Oy 

Both in summer and in winter, Lehmonkärki offers an excellent setting even to a very demanding staff-training events. Our Talent-Seminars have been Happenings with a capital H. Good service too.

Teuvo Hälvä, UPM-Kymmene Oy 

Lehmonkärki has been our training site for years and will also be in the future. I can recommed it to you too

Lea Tiainen, Fortum OYj 

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